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Achieve your best with Roncari

An app entirely focused on the idea of making fitness goals achievable. Millions of people every year create resolutions that this year, they will focus on their fitness and achieving an ideal body shape. However, the motivation dies after a week or two due to lack of support and acknowledgment.
Imagine a platform that is always going to remind you of your fitness goals and encourage you to get out and focus on achieving your dream body. Roncari has brought you the same concept in the most refined manner. An app that not only motivates you to get out and workout, but also keeps a count of all the major and minor details such as measuring sleep, calories, your fitness progress, workout intensity, and the time that it will take you in achieving your goals.

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Dedicated Community

Roncari’s idea is to build a community of all the fitness freaks – where a beginner can take help from the experts, and experts can share their years of experience to help other people learn more. A platform based on the idea of social media, built to bring likeminded people under a single roof.

Plans for every body type

Roncari has plans for every individual that means a person suffering from obesity can focus on weight loss plans, and an underweight individual can concentrate on bulking and building muscles. A dedicated team works round the clock to keep pushing people to their limits.

Share your achievements

Get the recognition and appreciation you deserve! A community where your smallest achievements are celebrated. Achieve your goals and share them. This is how we keep the motivation going. You can also share the progress and results on your other social media handles through Roncari.

  • Compatibility

    Roncari is designed to be compatible with all your smart gear. So whether you use a smartwatch or any other equipment, the app will easily connect with your smart gear and measure your progress more efficiently.

  • Simple Interface

    The application is based on a simple interface to make it easy for everyone to get started. However, a simple interface does not mean less functionality. Roncari is designed and developed with the idea to offer every necessity to people desiring to achieve fitness.

  • Daily Companion

    Roncari is your ideal daily companion. The application monitors your sleep, diet, offers workout plans, meal plans for lunch, dinner, and snacks while motivating you to continue exercising each day, every day.

  • A complete guide

    The concept of Roncari is to offer everyone, from beginners to experts, a platform where you can find everything related to fitness. From health monitoring to daily activities, the application is designed to offer you a complete guide for fitness. Then there are hundreds of fitness-related articles and blogs that you can easily be found on the application.

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